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Everyone wants to start their own business, but where do you begin?

If you have an idea for a new  business or want to start a GOLD MINE and  like making money but  just want a few tips, you need  this book.

 Many of today's books on business are written as  theory and do not cover real business scenario's or experience. My book is a honest recollection of business ventures written with 6 rules for success by the guy who risked it all. There are 4 real world business ventures included, all of which were started for less than $10.00 each, and each  follows my 6 rules of success. We cover business topics such as finance, accounting, taxation, corporate structure, sales and marketing, even law suits and how to sell out. I have sold out 3 of 4 ventures so far, and am currently working on transitioning the last one. It can also help you start your own GOLD MINE  in Nevada like I have.  

"All we do not have tomorrow is today, so if you have a passion, step off the porch and let it begin

Use my book and learn how to make money easily,then begin your road to success in your own business

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Step off the Porch and Start your own Business