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Why "Step off the Porch"

The porch is your "comfort zone". Starting your own business is risky and will push you out into the unknown. In order to chase a dream, you need to be willing to challenge yourself and "step off the porch".

Why Buy the Book

 This is an edgy and honest recollection of four business ventures written by the guy who risked it all. You will read about all four different businesses and the journey to success. This will help  you in your new business, or grow an existing one. 

What's inside

4 unique real world business ventures, 6 easy to follow rules, and 10 business topics that will help you step off the porch and become successful with your new business. It may also help you start a gold mine in Nevada, like I did. 


Everyone wants to start their own business, but how do you start?

If you have or want to start a business, like making money or just want a few tips, you need to read this book.

 Many of today's books on business are written from theory and do not cover real business scenario's or experience. My book is an edgy and honest recollection of business ventures written with 6 rules by the guy who risked it all. There are 4 real world business ventures included, all of which were started for less than $10.00 each, and each  follows my 6 rules of success. We cover business topics such as finance, accounting, taxation, corporate structure, sales and marketing, even law suits and how to sell out. I have sold out 3 of 4 ventures so far, and am currently working on transitioning the last one. It can also help you start your own gold mine in Nevada like I did. 

"All we do not have tomorrow is today, so if you have a passion, step off the porch and let it begin".

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Step off the Porch and Start your own Business

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